Pink Parcel – February Edition

Hey Everyone! 🙂

My Pink Parcel boxed arrived last week & I’m ready to do my blog about it – so here we go.

Pink Parcels box this month is all about LOVE ❤ 

YUYO YERBA MINT TEA (£4.35 for 14 bags): I’m yet to try this tea, but who doesn’t love a Mint Tea?!?! The packaging for this is super cute & is sooo different from any other tea packaging I have ever seen before. The tea has a zingy blend of Yerba mate, peppermint, lemon verbena & garden mint. 

DIVINE WHITE CHOCOLATE BAR (£1.00): I have to admit I have already eaten this & forgot to take a picture, before I did eat it. Anyway, white chocolate – everyone loves?!?! & it’s fairtrade which is amazing.

LAVOLIO FONDANT LOVELIES (£3.00): These little sugary treats come in 3 different flavours: Raspberry, Lemon & Almond. This company are brand new to PP & the flavour of these are amazing!!


CIATE PAINT POT – PILLOW FIGHT (£9.00 for 13.5ml): The nail polishes came in 4 different shades of: Sand Dune, Locket, Pillow Fight & Amazing Gracie. I do love Ciate nail polishes, but obviously no nail brand will come close to Nails Inc. Ciate are also a vegan & cruelty-free brand.


POM 925 HEART HOOP NECKLACE: (£12.99): This company are a brand new jewellery brand & this necklace has been designed for PP subscribers. I do find the necklace really cute with the little pink heart inside the silver circle.


TRIFLE COSMETICS HYDRATING BODY LOTION: (£12.95): This body lotion is super silky & lightweight when it goes onto your skin & dries super quick. The bodylotion before it goes onto your skin smells like a fruity cocktail, but when it gets rubbed into the skin, smells like vanilla cupcakes. It is such a nice sweet smell, once rubbed in.


VITAMASQUE – ACAI BERRY: (£12.99 for a box of 4): I’m yet to try this face mask, but Korean beauty products are so on trend right now. They come in Pomegranate, Acai Berry & Tea Tree. The face mask is specifically formulated to moisturize, hydrate & lift the skin.


SOAPNSKIN HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL BATH SALTS: (£9.50 for 150g). These crystal bath salts, have the most amazing smell ever. They are infused with lavender, lime & calendula oils & then topped with dried lavender buds. You can easily smell every single ingredient that has gone into it.


MERCI HANDY TOOTHPASTE: (euro4 for 50ml). This toothpaste is so minty, I can smell it through the protective seal (however it does have a slight dentist smell to it as well). The toothpaste is perfect hand luggage size & is a super cute bottle as well.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blog & remember comment on what you’d love to see me blog about next.

A x

P.S – I have some very exciting franchise news that I’ve just joined coming next week #summerbody #healthy


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