4 Year Anniversary

Hey Everyone! 😊

Last Saturday was my boyfriend & I’s 4 year anniversary so I thought I’d share with you what we did & also what we got each other.

For our anniversary I won a competition from Clifton Photographic Company’s facebook page & I booked is in for our photoshoot to be done the day before (so on the Friday). We had such an amazing experience & the whole team were fabulous.


Later in the day we went out for a meal to Zizzi’s as we don’t really like to go out on a Saturday, as it’s usually wayyy to busy for either of us to enjoy our night/meal together.

Our actual anniversary date was super chilled out, as we did what we wanted on Friday. My boyfriend got me a mug with 2 little bears on the front & some Love Monster cupcakes. I honestly didn’t want him to get me anything as our photoshoot the day before was more than enough for me.

We also went to Weston-Super-Mare, as that was the first place we met on 3rd April 2013 😍

I hope you all enjoyed my blog & remember blog posts are based on your comments/votes (apart from this one)

A x


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