What’s In My Bag

Hey Everyone! 😊

So last week it was decided that my next blog will be What’s In My Bag. Again as last week, there will be a poll on my Twitter & Instagram or you can comment on this blog as to what blog you’d like to see.

The first bag is my Cuddly Bear Backpack from Smiggle. This is the one I wear most days (when it is dry & usually just take the content out & put into my other backpack). As this backpack is taken to work, the majority of it, is stuff I take to work for when I have nothing to do.

IMAG2441_1[1].jpg      IMAG2444_1[1].jpg

My second backpack is just a pale light blue one from Primark. This is one I use when it’s rainy, as it’s more waterproof as my Cuddly Bear Backpack for obvious reasons. Everything in this one is the same as my previous backpack – minus the work stuff (unless I take it to work).


Overall I do prefer my Cuddly Bear Backpack, as it’s more practical than the pale blue one, a lot cuter & also holds it’s shape more – even if there isn’t that much to go into it.

I hope you all I enjoyed my blog & don’t forget to look on my Twitter & Instagram for the next poll or make a comment on here.

A x


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