My Readers Decide

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Sooo as I haven’t posted yet this year (I am very sorry about that), Happy New Year & I hope the first month has been amazing for you all.

The reason for my absence for the first month of the year, is down to the fact I wanted to spend more of my time in an evening with my gorgeous boy & doing stuff we don’t normally do in an evening & also my depression was a bit hit & miss as well – so me being sad wasn’t a great time to blog.

This year I’ve decided to let my lovely readers of my blog decide what I write about each week throughout the year (unless there is a topic I really want to write about in a certain week – then the chosen blog topic will be moved to a couple of days later).

You can send me suggestions in my comments or look out for my poll on my Twitter @nailsgalorex1 or comment on my Instagram @nailsbeautyblogger.

If I work out how to create a poll on here then of course I will, but for now leave all your suggestions in the comments or vote via Twitter or my latest Instagram picture.

A x


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