Blogmas Day 14 – My Boyfriend Does Blogmas

Hey Everyone! šŸ™‚

Come now sing with me, Proper Crimbo, I’ll take you for a drink with me, Proper Crimbo (Wibble), Put up your Christmas tree, Proper Crimbo, So excited you might wee, Proper Crimbo (Proper Crimbo),


Ho Ho Ho! It’s Hayden doing blogmas today instead of Abbie as she thought I had a good idea (even though I was joking), so here is my genius idea for blogmas.

10 things I hate about Christmas

I don’t like Christmas! I’m a scrooge! I can’t buy into it like some people (Abbie). So I thought I would make a twist, by making it scrooge like & so I am writing about the 10 things I hate about Christmas, seeing as though we have 10 days to go (ignore the day of the actual blogmas)!

  1. Christmas Songs – There is no need to play the same old songs on repeat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the lead up to Christmas. You wouldn’t play Take That’s greatest hits on a loop so why do it with Christmas tunes?
  2. Tat – It is the time of year that shops stock endless aisles of cheap, rubbish, useless nonsense that inevitably some people feel compelled to buy ….
  3. Queues – I haven’t got time for queues at the best of times. Christmas makes these queues 100 times worse. Thanks for that.
  4. Poorly Bank Balances – As much as it is lovely to buy a handful of beautifully thought out gifts, it does have a tendency to become a very lavish affair. Nothing overly wrong with that as everybody likes a gift or three, however it is very easy to get carried away.
  5. People Wishing for a White Christmas – It never happens. I don’t understand why people wish for it year in year out. It’s just a myth.
  6. Merry Folk – Too much festive cheer is sickening, thankfully in my case I don’t think it will be catching.
  7. X Factor Conclusion – Not afraid to admit it, I am partial to a bit of the Mr Cowell’s stale Saturday night “talent” show and unfortunately Christmas means an end to all of that. I mean, who didn’t want just a few more weeks of Honey G?!
  8. Present Wrapping – I see no need to wrap presents. You wouldn’t wallpaper a wall just to rip it back down again as soon as you’d done it….Stick with a gift bag…..lovely stuff……
  9. Michael Buble – Every Christmas he gets wheeled out without fail. Bit dull really isn’t it?
  10. Christmas Jumpers – Have never really understood the whole Christmas jumper thing – dodgy knitted numbers aren’t my thing. Funnily enough however, I have been given a Christmas jumper as a gift tonight – Ā a tasteful one I hasten to add! Who knows, maybe one day I will be a convert after all! šŸ˜‰

I fully expect nobody to read this due to the fact it is written by myself, maybe that is a good thing however considering my attitude towards Christmas…

I apologise for my horrible sarcastic sense of humour.

I promise I am not this miserable all year round!





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