Blogmas Day 12 – 10 Festive Activities

Hey Everyone! 🙂

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree

This blog is for anyone who isn’t quite feeling in the festive spirit but wants to start getting into it. Or for anyone who is in festive spirit that wants more ideas for what they can do.

  1. Watch Christmas Films – We’re half way through December now, so you have to be watching Christmas films by now. You can either watch a proper Christmas film 9Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone) or alternatively there are other none ‘proper’ festive films, which just have a Christmasy storyline.
  2. Christmas Songs – You probably hear them out shopping & possibly on the radio in work, but listen to them at home as well.
  3. Christmas Cards – You can either make Christmas cards yourself or buy them from a shop, either way you’ll still be being festive & I love looking for Christmas cards, as you can find so many amazing ones (Clintons/Card Factory).
  4. Christmas Shopping – Now is a good time to hit the shops, as you’ve left it to half way through the month & if you leave it any later chances are you’ll have left it to late.
  5. Crafts – Much like making Christmas cards, this is super festive & is perfect if anyone has siblings or children (or even making this a family time thing).
  6. Wrapping Presents – If you are super organised & have already bought your christmas presents, then why not start wrapping them?! There is some gorgeous wrapping paper out there & you can also make your own too.
  7. Posting presents – If like me you can’t be with your family for Christmas then posting them is definitely something you should be doing. I posted mine out today & always like to leave it until a week before the last postal date is due.
  8. Decorate your house – Half-way through the month & no decorations?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! decorating your house/flat/apartment is amazing & feels just like Christmas whenever you walk through the door
  9. Advent Calendar – I have no idea why this is number 9, but never mind :O this should already be happening, but I know some people haven’t got one – so if this is you I’m sure you can now buy them at a discount price
  10. HAVE FUN! – December is the month of fun. I mean how can it not be when everything is Christmas orientated??

I hope you all enjoyed my blog

A x


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