Blogmas Day 11 – Winter Make-up

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Come, they told me,, Pa rum pum pum pum, Our new born king to see,
Pa rum pum pum pum

I always find Winter can make my skin really dry, especially when it gets really cold & it really shows on my make-up where my dry patches are. Thankfully the weather so far hasn’t been too cold, but on days that it has the below make-up products have been amazing.

Barry M Flawless Original Primer – This primer is absolutely amazing! My make-up stays in the same place & the primer itself is super light & it’s greasy.


Barry M Flawless Mist & Fix Setting Spray – Again another product from Barry M which is amazing! This also makes sure my make-up stays in the same place & is perfect for quickly spraying on your face in a morning , if you’re running late – as it literally dries instantly allowing you to do the rest of your eye make-up.


Barry M Red Carpet Ready – I got the eye shadow set as a free gift last month & it is gorgeous. It comes with any eye primer, which is perfect as I always needed one (but just never bought one), the colours in here are amazing for creating a nude look & then the glitters are just lush.

Collection Velvet Kiss – I love Collections range of matte lipstick creams, as they just go on so easy & also dry matte super quick as well. I chose the shade Blackberry, as it’s such a gorgeous deep purple Winter kind of colour.


I hope you all enjoyed my blog

A x



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