Blogmas Day 6 – Christmas Films

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday, When the kids start singing and the band begins to play, Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday, So let the bells ring out for Christmas

Half way through the second week in December & if you haven’t watched anything Christmas like yet why not??!! December is all about watching Christmas films on a loop snuggled up in a duvet at a weekend, eating soooo much bad food but not feeling guilty as who cares??!!


My top 5 Christmas films are:

  1. ELF – How can you not love this Christmas film?!?! It’s super festive and always makes me smile & happy whenever I watch it. Buddy is such a lovely elf (even though he isn’t actually one, but I’ll always think of him as an elf) & the fact he brings the family together is super sweet. I think everyone should have a Buddy in their life.
  2. Miracle on 34th Street – I pick the 1994 remake, as I’ve never actually seen the original. This film always reminds me of my childhood, as when I was younger I did ‘wish’ for a little brother (not at Christmas time) but it still reminds me of that day.
  3. Home Alone – It has to be the first one, as I really don’t rate the others as highly as I do the first. Every child has wished at some point they could be left home alone (probably not at Christmas though) & this film just makes me wish that being home alone was actually as fun as this films makes it appear
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas – The fact you can watch this film at Halloween & Christmas just has to be in everyone top Christmas film list
  5. The Muppet Christmas Carol – The muppets are just amazing & this has to be the best film of mine that the muppets have ever created. The fact they still made this film relevant to the original Christmas Carol, is quite an achievement & they made it suite the whole family to be able to enjoy.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog

A x


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