Blogmas Day Two – Christmas Crafts

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, But the very next day, you gave it away, This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special.

Obviously this is not actually appearing on Day Two, as it is the 3rd today – however I will do an extra blog on Boxing Day to make up for it. The reason for my absence yesterday was me being at my works Christmas Party (my blog for tomorrow).

The one thing I love to do at Christmas is make Christmas Crafts! I love Hobby Craft soooo much for this, as they have some amazing things that you can buy (either pre-made, or to make yourself).

I didn’t buy too many craft things year due to buying a bumper pack of crafts from Hobby Craft & this contained pretty much everything I’d be wanting to buy individually.

Ceramic Bauble Painting Kit – This kit contains 3 baubles that you can paint or leave plain if you want to. I love the fact you can choose which colours you want to use & also make the baubles more personal to you & would make an amazing early Christmas present for someone.

6 pack & 3 pack of Robins – These robins where just too cute not to buy, how could I say no to these?!?! I literally have no idea where these are going to go, but they will be dotted around the house anywhere they’ll fit & so they can still be seen


Ceramic reindeer bauble – The picture of this is upside & I didn’t realise this until now – however it looks pretty much the same. You can decorate this around the outside or even the whole thing, however I think I’m going to leave this plain & maybe paint the antlers brown.

White & Gold Feathers – These feathers aren’t actually for Christmas, but for Weddings instead – however I thought they’d look amazing on Christmas cards.

Bumper Craft Tub – This bumper craft is the best thing to get if you are starting out on Christmas crafts & don’t really know what you want to do. This has such a variety of things in like: ribbons, pipe cleaners, felt, glitter glue & loads of other things.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog

A x


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