World Mental Health Day

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I hope your Monday has been okay & we are now one day closer to the weekend!

As you may or may not be aware today is World Mental Health Day & this is something that is important to me, so I thought I’d share my experience with you.

For anyone who suffers with depression or any other kind of mental health problems, it can be difficult to want to discuss it with someone or even admit you have it. You worry that if people find out, they’ll look at you/treat you differently. The stigma attached with mental health is something that shouldn’t happen, who is to define ‘normal’. In my opinion we are all unique, everyone is different – surely ‘normal’ is everyone being the same??!! Why would we all want to be the same as each other??!!

I suffer from my depression, I’ve had it for nearly a year now. I also had it a couple of years back & took tablets to try to control my feelings, however back then I believed the tablets didn’t work & stopped taking them (silly thing to do in hindsight). Anyway, the only person who knows about this up until now is my boyfriend. He genuinely is my absolute rock, if it wasn’t for him being so supportive I never would have gone to the doctors & the tablets I take everyday never would have been prescribed.

My depression trigged from being bored in work (this may sound strange), but apparently anything can trigger it. I have moved jobs since, however I am still taking my tablets & I am still depressed. I do have happier days when I totally forget about my depression, but I do have low days when I feel like the world is against me.

Depression & mental health is something that is visible, so that is probably the main reason why it isn’t as talked about as it should be. I just want people to know that, you aren’t alone & you can still achieve your dreams in life. You will have some bad days, but you will have happier days as well.

Trust me you will get through it & honestly the best thing to do is speak to whoever it is you trust the most. It can be anyone, you don’t have to seek medical help straight away or at all – medical help to get tablets may be a good option depending how low you feel, but honestly having someone there for you is the best feeling.

Like I said my boyfriend has been a rock & is there for me whenever I need him. Sometimes all you need is somewhere to be there for you.

I hope I can help anyone out there who is struggling & I’ll be there for anyone who needs it.

Remember you are STRONG!

A x

P.S – I wrote this blog to show that Mental Health is happening right now & to show that people can do whatever they want. This doesn’t stop people from achieving.


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