September Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

October is upon us & so are the darker nights & colder days. Autumn is here! The start of new month means only one thing, last months favourites.

Now I don’t have loads this month, as everything I’ve been loving I bought towards of the end of September so practically October & they’ll be featured next month.

World of Animals magazine (£3.99) – this magazine is perfect for anyone that loves animals & wants to know a little bit more about them & also different types of animals that are out there. The price is such good value considering you get 98 pages to read & there is something on every page (some big magazines usually have quite a few adverts).

Saving Wildlife Together Wristband (£1) – I got this wristband last month when I went to Bristol Zoo & all the money raised was going to the monkeys. I’ve literally not taken this wristband off since I got it other than when I shower, as protecting animals really means a lot to me & for a £1 – it’s amazing to know it is going to something good.

I’ve also been loving The Great British Bake Off & any kind of animal programmes that have been on. I’ve also been watching films pretty much every weekend, as I’ve got soooo many recorded.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

A x


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