Payday Haul

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Today I’m treating you all to two blogs! This is my first one & my second will be my Manicure Monday look (it will feature a nail polish from this blog).

I know it is past Payday for most people, however I got everything in this blog delivered to the specific shops & I have finally got them all home! (it wasn’t that easy carrying some of these items back)!!

First up is my storage bits that I bought from Wilkinsons! I’ve lived in my flat for well over a year now & never really got proper storage, as it is one of those things ‘boring’ but necessity items you need & I never found any I really liked UNTIL NOW!! Both of my storage draws are beautiful & honestly are the perfect colours, for the colour scheme in the flat.

Grey  drawer unit (£35). This storage unit is such a cute height & the draws are super cute. They have a little white cloth placed inside the bottom of the draw, which is then folded all the round & fastens at the front in a little bow shape. These draws aren’t huge, so if you want storage that is bigger, then these aren’t for you. However, if you want storage to hold the bits & bobs in your house/flat – then these are perfect.

Heart striped 4 tier unit (£35). This storage unit, is meant to be used for a bathroom – but my bathroom doesn’t have enough room for it & also I think it looks super cute in my living room corner. Again the draws aren’t overly big, however are the perfect size for bits & bobs.

Pink flat pack box (£2). This box isn’t too fancy, but it is only being used to store my bears in their that my boyfriend & I have given to each other over the 3 & a half years. I hated them being on the floor, so I bought them a cute little box that they can all sit in & it’s neatly placed in the corner of the room.


Of course as ever on Payday I always by more make-up (usually because I need it), but sometimes it’s because something new has come out. As ever I bought it all from Boots & I did forget a few pieces, so these will be added in a new blog on Tuesday!!

Barry M Coconut Infusion Island Fever (£4.99). This nail paint is art of the new range they have brought out for Autumn/Winter & oh my jeez! This colour is such a gorgeous deep red colour. Seriously perfect colour for Autumn & always for a Christmas design during December. I love red in Autumn & Winter, but it doesn’t usually suit me to wear, so I love having a range of red shades in my nail polish collection.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Oasis (£4.99). Again this is also part of Barry M’s new Autumn/Winter range. With all of the colours they have got in this range, they have nail the colours in terms of matching Autumn/Winter shades & also nailed the nail colour trends that are in for Autumn. This colour is deep lilac colour, but not purply in colour – it’s a cross between a lilac & nude colour.

NYX Face & Body Glitter (£5.50). As I said in my Autumn season trends blog, glitter is on trend right now & what better way to embrace it then buying some glitter. Th glitter I got is a copper colour, so again fits in with Autumn/Winter in terms of the colour & I always find that copper coloured glitter, looks amazing on the eyes & also just above the cheekbones.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog & pop back at 7pm to see which nail polish I’m wearing this week.

A x


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