Primark Haul

Hey Everyone! ūüôā

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Saturday & that you have a great day tomorrow.

If you follow my Twitter/Instagram you will know that my blog today is all about my Primark Haul that I did this morning. I was there from 9am, as I was heading to the cinema to watch I Daniel Blake (if this is in a cinema near you I would watch it, as it’s pretty good). As I have sooo much to go through (2 bags!!), I shall swiftly get on with it.


First up are the ‘accessory’ type bits that I bought. They weren’t jewellery or anything really that ground breaking, but they are the bits & bobs that you need.

PS…Love this round cosmetic pads (¬£0.50), 5 pairs invisible socks (¬£3.50), 7 pair shoe liners (¬£1.70), Dog/Elephant¬†umbrella¬†(¬£8.00) & Cream hat (¬£2.00).

I’ve never used Primark’s cotton pads before, as I always use the ones from Boots/Wilkos – but as I was ¬†in there I thought I may as well pick them up. Both of the socks I have worn before, however I have habit of losing socks (pretty sure it’s due to boyfriend & not me) – but I needed new ones & the invisible socks are perfect for dolly/ballet shoes & the shoe liners are amazing for trainers/pumps. I can’t really tell what animal the case is meant to be, however I thought it was super cute & with the rain approaching I thought I should buy an umbrella to be ready. The hat is super cute & the pom=pom on the top is just adorable.

Clothing time, I really needed some new jumpers so I bought 4 & they are all perfect for autumn/winter – so unless it gets too cold for me I probably won’t be needing anymore. I then got some treat clothes for myself, which just looked way to nice not to have in my wardrobe & then my boyfriend got me some Cookie Monster pyjamas & I didn’t even notice them in the basket/at the checkout until we got home & he showed me (he’s super cute).

Patterned chunky knit jumper (£10.00), High neck burgundy jumper (£5.00), Cable jumper (£8.00),  Circle print jumper (£10.00), Super high waist skinny metallic pants (£13.00), Grey pleather skirt (£8.00) Cookie Monster top (£6.00) & Cookie Monster bottoms (£8.00).

All 4 jumpers that I bought are either medium/thick knitted, so with a vest top underneath & a jacket/coat I’m hoping that I’ll be warm enough. I also got ones that I’d be able to wear at work too, as I’m sure it’ll be cold in work throughout the winter. Both my treat clothes (the metallic pants & pleather skirt) or perfect autumn/winter clothes, so will be perfect for wearing out to meals or going shopping. The skirt will be paired with either black/grey chunky knit tights & boots. My Cookie Monster set is adorable & the face on the top is actually blue fluffy fabric which is super soft.

I hope you all enjoyed my Primark Haul blog & check back tomorrow afternoon & evening for a Payday Haul blog & of course my Manicure Monday blog.

A x


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