Autumn Essentials

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s officially the first day of autumn! I love autumn, as the leaves on trees turn different colours & they look amazing & beautiful when they all change at different times. Darker nights, means dark walks around snuggled up in big jumpers with the person you love (or a friend) & of course it means amazing make-up & nail collections hit the shops.

I haven’t gone out & bought any autumn make-up yet, as I’m waiting for PayDay so then I give you PayDay/Autumn Beauty Clothing Haul Blog. I have seen Barry M & NYX’s collections over on their Instagram accounts & oh my!!! They are amazing. They look perfect, the packaging is second to none & they have the amazing Autumn colours in one collection.

Nails are also a great way to get Autumn ready & Barry M have also realised an Autumn range of nail polishes. Nails Inc have also done the same & I am rather tempted to be making a purchase of Nails Inc Autumn’s nail polish collection.

Clothes – I don’t tend to blog hugely on clothes as everyone has their own taste & this is a make-up/beauty blog, however as this is an Autumn essentials blog I shall include it. Jumpers, jumpers & more jumpers. I love baggy jumpers in Autumn & Winter, as they are perfect for being able to wear a t-shirt/vest top underneath & also have a scarf around you too. I tend to go up a size for jumpers, so I either buy an 8/10 depending on the style of the jumper. I also love the burnt orange vest top colours & other clothing items of this colour (H&M have a gorgeous vest top in this colour).

Chunky knit tights are another clothing item I love & they amazing with over the knee socks & over the knee boots. I usually wear corduroy skirts/shorts with tights or a plain dress with a baggy jumper over the top.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog

A x


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