Autumn Season Look

Hey Everyone! 🙂

As we’re entering a new season I thought I’d share with you the latest beauty trends that you can head out & buy to be ready for the Autumn season ahead. Also a few of these beauty products will look amazing in Winter too, so I would recommend stocking up on these as they will last this season & next.


Dark Lips: Black cherry, deep red/purple & black are all on trend right now for the colour on your lips. Of course if you’ve never tried a dark lip before then it can be quite scary to try a darker lip – but you can always dab a tiny bit of lip balm into the centre of the lips to soften the look.

If you have dry lips, which I know people can get during the colder months then you can always add lip balm to you lips & then use a damp cloth in a circular motion to get rid of any dry flakes. You can also use a primer before adding darker shades as this will keep them soft & flake-free. 

Glitter: Usually when we think of glitter, we can think of when we were smaller & added glitter to every part of our body. Glitter is best placed on your eyelids, under your eyes & also on the cheekbones.

To make the most of glitter & to make it stick, it’s best to add a little bit of vaseline to where you want to apply & then sprinkle the glitter over the top. Also only add the glitter in one place so it there isn’t too much going on & also if you add to much use a clean brush to sweep of the excess.


Nail Colour: The three main colours for this season are black, red & nudes. These 3 colours are super versatile & you can wear them for any occasion that you’ve got going on.

Black is such a chic look & can be difficult to wear but a square, blunt nail shape is best for this colour.

Red is an all-time favourite of mine & will never be out of ‘style’ & I especially love to wear red around Christmas time. I personally feel that red is best to be worn when you either have no/minimal make-up on as it just makes your nails stand out more

Nudes are going to look amazing & so on point with the glitter on your face, as you have both going on at the same time. Gold stars have also been spotted on models nails during the AW16 fashion shows, & look amazing with a pale pink colour as the base or even try using a tiny bit of blusher.

Nail art is also perfect for this Autumn & there are 2 really simple looks that I’ll definitely be trying out.

Number 1: Draw The Line – Yes really drawing lines on your nails. For this look you will only need to a base coat & then you can either draw a line straight across the middle of your nail or you can do a number of lines going vertically down your nail.

Number 2: Dots – Again another one which requires a pretty much base coat/pale nude/pink colour. Always opt for a darker shade dot colour than your nail base colour, which is why paler base colours work best as you can then try every colour possible. To create a dot you can either but nail stickers or use the end of a make up brush (just make sure the end is circular). Dip the end of the brush into your nail polish (make sure there isn’t lots of nail polish on – as this could ruin the dot), then press the nail polish onto your nail & hold for a couple of seconds. Applying an even amount of pressure all over is important, as your dot won’t look even or circular if not.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog my Mani Monday blog, will be uploaded tomorrow.

A x


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