August Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Another month has passed & it means attempting to narrow down everything you’ve loved in that month, into a select few as otherwise we’d all be here forever reading what everyone else has been loving.

This month I’ve only been wearing eye makeup Monday-Thursday & then using a liquid foundation & powder Friday-Sunday, so I’ve not had to purchase any new make-up products, but I have included my go to foundations for when I have been wearing it.

One Heck of A Blot Foundation (Soap & Glory) – This foundation has been literally amazing for the weekend. It lasts all day & doesn’t move around my face, I don’t need to apply loads – as a small amount goes such a long way & also it doesn’t feel ‘cakey’ or feel like you have any foundation on.


Collection Pressed Powder – This powder is amazing, I usually always buy this powder – but the past few months I tried different ones & I’m sooo glad & happy to be using this one again. It makes my makeup stay in place all day & never looks like I’ve applied powder over the top of my makeup either.

Collection Eyebrow Kit (Brunette) – For my birthday I had my eyebrows done & for the past month it has come to the stage where I need to fill them in again. This eyebrow kit, has made filling them in super easy & it’s super amazing that it comes with a clear mascara brow – as this keeps my brows in place all day.

Adorable (NYX) – I have mentioned this before in one of my other blogs & I am still only using 3 of the colours. I have used the others, but the light brown, nude colour & white are the ones I wear everyday (I do use the dark shimmer brown at a weekend sometimes) but the pink & matte dark brown haven’t really been used. I’m quite sad that I’m nearly finished with my 3 eyeshadow colours, but maybe I will try the pink & matte dark brown .

Pumpkin Spiced Latte (Starbucks) – If you haven’t tried this then seriously what are you doing?!?! This is the drink to be drinking throughout Autumn & as soon as it comes on the menu it only means one thing! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! (& also the cold dark nights) – but lets keep this positive. This drink is the only drink I ever want when it hits the menu board & thankfully there are 2 Starbucks near to where I live & work, so it’s perfect.

Leone Mints (Caffe Nero) – These mints are so strong, but really nice. I love strong peppermint flavours & saw this in Caffe Nero & decided to try them. Wow! They are bigger than I expected them to be & are also hard, so they won’t be gone straight away – which is great because then I only have one & not 2 or 3.

I hope you all loved my monthly favourites.

Let me know if you think I should give something a try for next month.

A x


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