Manicure Monday – George Street & King Edward Street

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It is indeed another Monday which I attempt to make a little bit brighter by bringing you my latest Manicure look for the week.

So today I’ve gone for something which I’ve never done before, so let me know what you think. As you can see from the title, I have gone for 2 colours! Most of you will know that I only ever use 1 colour, but I have changed it up & it is a slightly autumn look to the nails.


I’ve gone for George Street as my base colour on every finger other than my ring finger & I’ve done the same on the right hand too. George Street is a really lovely pale pink/nude colour. This colour by itself would be perfect for a wedding, spring/summer – but as I still wanted to be reminded of summer as well as accepting we are now heading into autumn I have used it to create an autumn look.

To make this look autumnal I’ve added King Edward Street to both my ring fingers as a whole colour & added it to the top of each of my nails with George Street as the base colour. I tried to not go too far down my nail & keep it as close to the tip of my nail as I could, but not keeping too close – as I wanted the colour to be seen.

King Edward Street is a gorgeous blood red colour, so perfect for Halloween if you are looking to paint your nails red. This colour is going to be worn sooo much during autumn/winter, as it’s such an amazing colour & does look a little bit Christmasy.


I hope you love my nail look :*

A x

P.S – both colours are of course by Nails Inc 😉


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