Manicure Monday – Savile Row & Berry Street

Hey Everyone! 🙂

And so the adventure begins! A new week is about to start & so of course it is that time where I tell you all my manicure Monday look for the week. Continue reading


Autumn Essentials

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s officially the first day of autumn! I love autumn, as the leaves on trees turn different colours & they look amazing & beautiful when they all change at different times. Darker nights, means dark walks around snuggled up in big jumpers with the person you love (or a friend) & of course it means amazing make-up & nail collections hit the shops. Continue reading

Manicure Monday – Westminster

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend & that the week ahead isn’t too long for you.

This week for my manicure look I’ve chosen Nails Inc Westminster. This colour really reminds me of autumn & isn’t too much of a bold outstanding dark colour. It’s more of a copper/bronze colour & also as the look of when the tress start to change colour. It also has a really warm feel about it (if that makes any sense – think bonfires).

The nail polish also leaves a nice glossy finish, so would be really elegant for an evening event/meal out. You can also have this as your everyday look, so it is super versatile.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog.

A x

Autumn Season Look

Hey Everyone! 🙂

As we’re entering a new season I thought I’d share with you the latest beauty trends that you can head out & buy to be ready for the Autumn season ahead. Also a few of these beauty products will look amazing in Winter too, so I would recommend stocking up on these as they will last this season & next.


Dark Lips: Black cherry, deep red/purple & black are all on trend right now for the colour on your lips. Of course if you’ve never tried a dark lip before then it can be quite scary to try a darker lip – but you can always dab a tiny bit of lip balm into the centre of the lips to soften the look.

If you have dry lips, which I know people can get during the colder months then you can always add lip balm to you lips & then use a damp cloth in a circular motion to get rid of any dry flakes. You can also use a primer before adding darker shades as this will keep them soft & flake-free.  Continue reading

August Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Another month has passed & it means attempting to narrow down everything you’ve loved in that month, into a select few as otherwise we’d all be here forever reading what everyone else has been loving.

This month I’ve only been wearing eye makeup Monday-Thursday & then using a liquid foundation & powder Friday-Sunday, so I’ve not had to purchase any new make-up products, but I have included my go to foundations for when I have been wearing it.

One Heck of A Blot Foundation (Soap & Glory) – This foundation has been literally amazing for the weekend. It lasts all day & doesn’t move around my face, I don’t need to apply loads – as a small amount goes such a long way & also it doesn’t feel ‘cakey’ or feel like you have any foundation on.


Collection Pressed Powder – This powder is amazing, I usually always buy this powder – but the past few months I tried different ones & I’m sooo glad & happy to be using this one again. It makes my makeup stay in place all day & never looks like I’ve applied powder over the top of my makeup either.

Collection Eyebrow Kit (Brunette) – For my birthday I had my eyebrows done & for the past month it has come to the stage where I need to fill them in again. This eyebrow kit, has made filling them in super easy & it’s super amazing that it comes with a clear mascara brow – as this keeps my brows in place all day.

Adorable (NYX) – I have mentioned this before in one of my other blogs & I am still only using 3 of the colours. I have used the others, but the light brown, nude colour & white are the ones I wear everyday (I do use the dark shimmer brown at a weekend sometimes) but the pink & matte dark brown haven’t really been used. I’m quite sad that I’m nearly finished with my 3 eyeshadow colours, but maybe I will try the pink & matte dark brown .

Pumpkin Spiced Latte (Starbucks) – If you haven’t tried this then seriously what are you doing?!?! This is the drink to be drinking throughout Autumn & as soon as it comes on the menu it only means one thing! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! (& also the cold dark nights) – but lets keep this positive. This drink is the only drink I ever want when it hits the menu board & thankfully there are 2 Starbucks near to where I live & work, so it’s perfect.

Leone Mints (Caffe Nero) – These mints are so strong, but really nice. I love strong peppermint flavours & saw this in Caffe Nero & decided to try them. Wow! They are bigger than I expected them to be & are also hard, so they won’t be gone straight away – which is great because then I only have one & not 2 or 3.

I hope you all loved my monthly favourites.

Let me know if you think I should give something a try for next month.

A x

Manicure Monday – George Street & King Edward Street

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It is indeed another Monday which I attempt to make a little bit brighter by bringing you my latest Manicure look for the week.

So today I’ve gone for something which I’ve never done before, so let me know what you think. As you can see from the title, I have gone for 2 colours! Most of you will know that I only ever use 1 colour, but I have changed it up & it is a slightly autumn look to the nails.


I’ve gone for George Street as my base colour on every finger other than my ring finger & I’ve done the same on the right hand too. George Street is a really lovely pale pink/nude colour. This colour by itself would be perfect for a wedding, spring/summer – but as I still wanted to be reminded of summer as well as accepting we are now heading into autumn I have used it to create an autumn look.

To make this look autumnal I’ve added King Edward Street to both my ring fingers as a whole colour & added it to the top of each of my nails with George Street as the base colour. I tried to not go too far down my nail & keep it as close to the tip of my nail as I could, but not keeping too close – as I wanted the colour to be seen.

King Edward Street is a gorgeous blood red colour, so perfect for Halloween if you are looking to paint your nails red. This colour is going to be worn sooo much during autumn/winter, as it’s such an amazing colour & does look a little bit Christmasy.


I hope you love my nail look :*

A x

P.S – both colours are of course by Nails Inc 😉