Manicure Monday – Connaught Square

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s Monday & the only thing to make a Monday better is knowing it is Manicure Monday. I always find it really exciting on a Sunday evening painting my nails, ready for another week in work. I find it a nice way to relax after a shower & watching something with my boy.

This weeks look is of course by Nails Inc & it is the 3D Glitter. When you look at the nail polish in the bottle you can see the blue & you always have purple glitter running through the middle & all the way round, as well as purple flecks running throughout the blue glitter.


To apply this to my nails I did only use one coat, as I didn’t want loads of nail polish on this week, plus I always find with one coat glitter ones always look best. I dab the nail brush onto my nails, after using a basecoat & then add a little more to places that need it. I usually wait about 10 minutes for glitter nail polish to dry before adding my topcoat.

I don’t really see how it is a 3D glitter, but it looks so gorgeous on my nails – that I really don’t mind. It looks super pretty, when the light catches my nails & I can see the glitter shining. Plus it has given me an amazing coverage & even better I can see the blue & purple glitter, as you can sometimes miss colours with glitter nail polishes.


I hope you enjoyed my blog.

A x


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