Pink Parcel – August Box

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Today is the day I got my August edition of the Pink Parcel!!! Mine gets delivered every 10th of the month, so expect a blog around that time of the month. Apologises if you read this & you haven’t got yours yet – I don’t mean to ruin the surprise element of it for you (I promise).

The vouchers I got this month were 50p off Emily Fruit Crisps, £7.50 off each subscription box for Cocaba & 15% off Teapigs Match. I got some Emily Fruit Crisps with my pink parcel, so will let you know how they are & as soon as I receive my Cocaba box, I shall let you know what that is like. I love teapigs tea, so I’m super excited to try the Match tea range that they have, again a blog we done as soon as I’ve tried it.

IMAG1747_1[1].jpg     IMAG1748_1[1].jpg      IMAG1761[1].jpg


All of the makeup products featured in this months Pink Parcel are cruelty free – so perfect for trying new cruelty free brands.

So Susan Haute Light Pencil (RRP £14.95) – This is a highlighter pencil so you just apply it where you would apply your normal highlighter & blend as usual. The packaging for this, is very sophisticated & looks super glam. The actual product is a gorgeous pale blue packaging which looks amazing with the peach colour writing.

IMAG1749[1].jpg      IMAG1750[1].jpg

Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick (RRP £15) – Liquid lipsticks are literally my fav right now! As soon as I saw the packaging for this, I knew this would be a perfect addition to my fellow liquid lipsticks. The colour is one I am yet to try, so super excited to be able to get a product that I’ve never tried & also never in the colour. I got mine in the shade Mulberry & it is a deep pink/purple colour. This dries matte like most liquid lipsticks & I swatched in my hand for you to see the colour & it smells lush!! At first it smells like you’ve stepped into a sweet factory, but then as it dries it smells more like sweet vanilla. The packaging for this is pretty simple, but it totally works as I don’t think lipstick packaging needs to stand out.

IMAG1751[1].jpg      IMAG1752[1].jpg      IMAG1753[1].jpg

Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush (RRP £4.99) – The packaging for this is great, simple but also looks really nice. I think this is going to be perfect for me, as even though I’ve done my makeup for soooo long I somehow always struggle to get the hang of bronzer. I either don’t put enough on, blend it poorly or just look orange! 😦 this may help slightly, as you just click for the shimmer to come & hopefully it will blend easily with the brush.


Jealous Sweets (RRP £2.50 for 50g) – The packaging for this is super cute. It has a pink border, with a white centre & a little magpie sitting on a diamond. I love sweets & recently went pescatarian so finding sweets without gelatin in has seemed tricky, but now I’ve got these lovely ones I will probably keep buying these. They are also Gluten & Vegan free.


Sass Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate (RRP £12 for 100ml) – I don’t really understand the packaging for this, as I am slightly confused as to what the brown background is at the top?!?! however this isn’t going to affect the product. This is meant to soothe & hydrate your ‘area’ whilst reducing hair regrowth & preventing ingrown hairs. Less shaving/waxing sounds great to me! The product is a clear gel, so you probably won’t need a huge amount of this.


Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Apple (RRP £1.49) – In a nutshell these a dried pieces of fruit which still contain the natural tasty goodness, but have a slight crunch to them. It’ll be like eating a packet of crisps which taste like apples. Perfect, unless you don’t like apples. I find the packaging for these super cute, as it’s got a lovely apple floral theme going on.


Estella Bartlett Bracelet (RRP £12.99) – In my box I got the black & white one, which is made from suede. I totally love the monochrome look & never thought about getting jewellery the same colour as that, but this bracelet is gorgeous. It fastens like a drawstring bag, but has a lovely silver block keeping it fastened.

IMAG1758[1].jpg      IMAG1760[1].jpg

I hope you all enjoyed my blog & let me know if you got anything different in your Pink Parcel.

A x


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