Manicure Monday – Festival Sloane Street

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Sorry my Manicure Monday is a day later than usual, but at least it is still here for Monday. My look today is of course from Nails Inc & it is a colour from the festival range called Sloane Street.

I’m not 100% if any of the nail colours I blog about are still available on the website, however I’m sure eBay, Amazon or other places may have the nail polishes for sale. I do get all of my nail polishes I blog about from depop – but if I do buy any from elsewhere I shall let you know in the blog.

This colour is such a lovely pink colour & would look amazing with a tan. I have edited one of the pictures that I uploaded purely for you all to see how amazing the colour looks, as the first picture didn’t highlight the colour enough (well I didn’t think it did anyway). The colour is a gorgeous bright pink, but lighter than a neon pink. It would be perfect for festivals – hence the name, holidays & also for any special events where you want to have a simple but elegant look.

IMAG1737[1].jpg    IMAG1736_1[1].jpgPhoto credit goes to my boyfriend 🙂 ❤

As the Olympics are on, this is definitely I colour I would be wearing throughout them – as it is such a vibrant colour. It would be perfect for any Rio themed events you go to or make yourself.

I hope your enjoyed my blog guys!

Love A x


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