Degustabox – August Edition

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Today’s blog is a newish subscription box that I rejoined again last month. I joined Degustabox ages ago & then cancelled due to moving jobs & no longer being able to get it delivered to work, however I know have a new place it can get delivered to – so I’m joining them again.

I love this box sooo much, as you get to try new foods which are coming out – or foods which have already arrived in stores but are pretty much new products. You never know what to expect in your box each month, so it’s a perfect surprise each month. You do get a mixture of stuff in there, so some months you may not like as much as you did the previous month – but hopefully there will be something in it that you like.

The price is £12.99 per month (comment below if you are interested & I can send you an email so you get your first one cheaper) you get 11/12 different products to try. This is obviously going to be sooo much cheaper, than buying the items individually & some boxes have a contents of around £25-£30 worth of products in them, so amazing for saving money. As well as food you can sometimes get drinks, sauces, sweet treats – but everything is edible.


Now that you know a bit more about the box itself, let me run you through the products I got this month:

  1. Tabasco Sauce (RRP £1.99) – Now if you don’t like barbecue sauce, then this won’t be for you. It is a sweet & sticky sauce & also a marinade. As I don’t eat meat, I won’t be using it on chicken or anything, but I will definitely be trying it on oven cooked peppers & other food within the next few days. IMAG1868[1].jpg
  2. Clipper Tea (RRP £1.59) – This is the Lime & Ginger Green Tea flavour. I literally love fruit/herbal teas & have never come across this brand before, so I’m super excited to be able to give one of their teas a try, to see if they are as good as other brands I’m loving. IMAG1872[1].jpg
  3. Aromatic Thai Noodles & Moroccan Couscous NutriPot (RRP £2.49) – Both of these are packed with protein, fibre & 50% of all 28 vitamins & minerals your body requires. I’ve never tried either of these products before or any other from this brand so I’m interested to see what they taste like. IMAG1873[1].jpg
  4. Dorset Cereals Bircher Museli (RRP £3.49) – I’ve tri ed Dorset cereals museli before & they were nice, but sometimes the yogurt I had poured over the top wouldn’t always soak into them properly, so some of them were left a bit dry – however they have apparently simplified the method for this museli making it quicker for the museli to be soaked. IMAG1871[1].jpg
  5. Get More MultiVitamins (RRP £1.45) – I have got the Lemon & Lime flavour this month, but there are a few other flavours that you can choose from. The drinks are made from spring water, natural flavours & contain no added sugar too. If these are anything like Vitamin Water then they are a winner. IMAG1869[1].jpg
  6.  Oloves (RRP £1.oo) – I don’t like Olives, so I won’t be trying these – however if you do these ones are seasoned with chilli, garlic & oregano. IMAG1874[1].jpg
  7.   Mahou Cinco Estrellas (RRP £1.20) – I’m not a huge alcohol drinker & don’t really drink lager, but my boyfriend kind of drinks lager – so I’m sure he’ll try this one out. IMAG1867[1].jpg
  8. Geeta’s Curry Pastes (RRP 2x£1.oo) – I’ve tried one of these curry pastes before & it was super nice. I’m so excited to be able to try 2 different flavours from the range, as they taste super authentic & one of the packets lasts at least twice if not three times – depending how much you are cooking. IMAG1870[1].jpg
  9. Willy Chase’s Fit Corn (RRP £2.19) – I’ve got the Apple Cider Vinegar flavour to try & I’m really not sure how this is going to taste on popcorn. I’m more than happy to try it out, but on popcorn I’m not so convinced the flavour will be working that well. IMAG1865[1].jpg
  10. Rakusen’s Snackers (RRP £1.29 Plain & £1.49 Gluten Free) – These snackers are less than 1% fat & also only have 7 calories in each cracker. These honestly look super cute, with how small they are & would make such a perfect snack either in work or on the go. IMAG1866[1].jpg

I hope you enjoyed my blog & remember comment/email me so I can send you link to a cheaper first box with Degusta.

A x


Manicure Monday – Connaught Square

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s Monday & the only thing to make a Monday better is knowing it is Manicure Monday. I always find it really exciting on a Sunday evening painting my nails, ready for another week in work. I find it a nice way to relax after a shower & watching something with my boy.

This weeks look is of course by Nails Inc & it is the 3D Glitter. When you look at the nail polish in the bottle you can see the blue & you always have purple glitter running through the middle & all the way round, as well as purple flecks running throughout the blue glitter.


To apply this to my nails I did only use one coat, as I didn’t want loads of nail polish on this week, plus I always find with one coat glitter ones always look best. I dab the nail brush onto my nails, after using a basecoat & then add a little more to places that need it. I usually wait about 10 minutes for glitter nail polish to dry before adding my topcoat.

I don’t really see how it is a 3D glitter, but it looks so gorgeous on my nails – that I really don’t mind. It looks super pretty, when the light catches my nails & I can see the glitter shining. Plus it has given me an amazing coverage & even better I can see the blue & purple glitter, as you can sometimes miss colours with glitter nail polishes.


I hope you enjoyed my blog.

A x

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I didn’t do a blog post this weekend as I was enjoying the Balloon Fiesta with my boyfriend in Bristol. As I live in Bristol & this event happens every year, it is one of those things you don’t want to be missing & as I really love hot air balloons I thought I’d do a blog all about my weekend watching them fly over Bristol.


If you don’t live in Bristol & have never been to this, then I would highly recommend you add this to your bucket list & head on down here in the years to come to see or just pop down next year to see it. It is held 11th – 14th August at Ashton Court Estate, however you don’t need to be up there to see the balloons, as I just stood down by the harbour & saw them flying.


My boyfriend & I did head up to Ashton Court on Friday morning & have a look around. They have soooo many food stalls you literally don’t know where to eat. They also have some sweet stalls & also lots of different games for you to have a go on & hopefully win a prize.

The balloons did go up Saturday evening, Sunday morning & evening. They are meant to go up every morning at 6am, however the winds were to high Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The mass ascent in the evening also happens at 6pm, however Thursday & Friday there were high winds again.

I hope you enjoyed my blog guys 🙂

A x

Here are some of my pictures from the weekend:

Saturday evening

IMAG1796[1]   IMAG1800[1]IMAG1798[1]

Sunday morning:

IMAG1818_1[1].jpg      IMAG1821_1[1].jpg      IMAG1825_1[1]

Sunday evening:

IMAG1830[1].jpg      IMAG1832[1].jpg


Pink Parcel – August Box

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Today is the day I got my August edition of the Pink Parcel!!! Mine gets delivered every 10th of the month, so expect a blog around that time of the month. Apologises if you read this & you haven’t got yours yet – I don’t mean to ruin the surprise element of it for you (I promise).

The vouchers I got this month were 50p off Emily Fruit Crisps, £7.50 off each subscription box for Cocaba & 15% off Teapigs Match. I got some Emily Fruit Crisps with my pink parcel, so will let you know how they are & as soon as I receive my Cocaba box, I shall let you know what that is like. I love teapigs tea, so I’m super excited to try the Match tea range that they have, again a blog we done as soon as I’ve tried it.

IMAG1747_1[1].jpg     IMAG1748_1[1].jpg      IMAG1761[1].jpg


All of the makeup products featured in this months Pink Parcel are cruelty free – so perfect for trying new cruelty free brands.

So Susan Haute Light Pencil (RRP £14.95) – This is a highlighter pencil so you just apply it where you would apply your normal highlighter & blend as usual. The packaging for this, is very sophisticated & looks super glam. The actual product is a gorgeous pale blue packaging which looks amazing with the peach colour writing.

IMAG1749[1].jpg      IMAG1750[1].jpg

Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick (RRP £15) – Liquid lipsticks are literally my fav right now! As soon as I saw the packaging for this, I knew this would be a perfect addition to my fellow liquid lipsticks. The colour is one I am yet to try, so super excited to be able to get a product that I’ve never tried & also never in the colour. I got mine in the shade Mulberry & it is a deep pink/purple colour. This dries matte like most liquid lipsticks & I swatched in my hand for you to see the colour & it smells lush!! At first it smells like you’ve stepped into a sweet factory, but then as it dries it smells more like sweet vanilla. The packaging for this is pretty simple, but it totally works as I don’t think lipstick packaging needs to stand out.

IMAG1751[1].jpg      IMAG1752[1].jpg      IMAG1753[1].jpg

Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush (RRP £4.99) – The packaging for this is great, simple but also looks really nice. I think this is going to be perfect for me, as even though I’ve done my makeup for soooo long I somehow always struggle to get the hang of bronzer. I either don’t put enough on, blend it poorly or just look orange! 😦 this may help slightly, as you just click for the shimmer to come & hopefully it will blend easily with the brush.


Jealous Sweets (RRP £2.50 for 50g) – The packaging for this is super cute. It has a pink border, with a white centre & a little magpie sitting on a diamond. I love sweets & recently went pescatarian so finding sweets without gelatin in has seemed tricky, but now I’ve got these lovely ones I will probably keep buying these. They are also Gluten & Vegan free.


Sass Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate (RRP £12 for 100ml) – I don’t really understand the packaging for this, as I am slightly confused as to what the brown background is at the top?!?! however this isn’t going to affect the product. This is meant to soothe & hydrate your ‘area’ whilst reducing hair regrowth & preventing ingrown hairs. Less shaving/waxing sounds great to me! The product is a clear gel, so you probably won’t need a huge amount of this.


Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Apple (RRP £1.49) – In a nutshell these a dried pieces of fruit which still contain the natural tasty goodness, but have a slight crunch to them. It’ll be like eating a packet of crisps which taste like apples. Perfect, unless you don’t like apples. I find the packaging for these super cute, as it’s got a lovely apple floral theme going on.


Estella Bartlett Bracelet (RRP £12.99) – In my box I got the black & white one, which is made from suede. I totally love the monochrome look & never thought about getting jewellery the same colour as that, but this bracelet is gorgeous. It fastens like a drawstring bag, but has a lovely silver block keeping it fastened.

IMAG1758[1].jpg      IMAG1760[1].jpg

I hope you all enjoyed my blog & let me know if you got anything different in your Pink Parcel.

A x

Manicure Monday – Festival Sloane Street

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Sorry my Manicure Monday is a day later than usual, but at least it is still here for Monday. My look today is of course from Nails Inc & it is a colour from the festival range called Sloane Street.

I’m not 100% if any of the nail colours I blog about are still available on the website, however I’m sure eBay, Amazon or other places may have the nail polishes for sale. I do get all of my nail polishes I blog about from depop – but if I do buy any from elsewhere I shall let you know in the blog.

This colour is such a lovely pink colour & would look amazing with a tan. I have edited one of the pictures that I uploaded purely for you all to see how amazing the colour looks, as the first picture didn’t highlight the colour enough (well I didn’t think it did anyway). The colour is a gorgeous bright pink, but lighter than a neon pink. It would be perfect for festivals – hence the name, holidays & also for any special events where you want to have a simple but elegant look.

IMAG1737[1].jpg    IMAG1736_1[1].jpgPhoto credit goes to my boyfriend 🙂 ❤

As the Olympics are on, this is definitely I colour I would be wearing throughout them – as it is such a vibrant colour. It would be perfect for any Rio themed events you go to or make yourself.

I hope your enjoyed my blog guys!

Love A x

July Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s that time again when you all get to read about what I’ve been loving in July. It’s a little but late this week, but as we all know I never usually get this blog up at the start of a month.

Here we go:

  1. Patisserie De Bain (Cranberries & Cream) – I got this from my Pink Parcel box last month & I have used this hand cream everyday since I got it. If you don’t like cranberries & cream then this hand cream won’t be for you, as it smells exactly like them. The cream itself isn’t to thick either & dries into your skin pretty quick. This brand are also cruelty free as well 🙂 IMAG1731[1].jpg
  2. Soap & Glory (365 For Daily Youth Moisturiser) – This is a new moisturiser that I recently purchased & I think this the best product for me. It smells like peaches, so reminds me of summer & it’s always nice to have a product which smells nice. This consistency of this is really light & you only need a tiny bit of this. IMAG1732[1].jpg
  3. Soap & Glory (Sugar Crush Body Wash) – This body wash has been perfect for when it has been hot outside. It leaves your skin feeling super soft & smelling amazing. The body wash is super light & creamy & makes you feel more refreshed when it has been hot outside. IMAG1733[1].jpg
  4. Daily Cultures (Peppermint) – This tea is a recent brand that I have tried & they do 2 other types as well. It basically helps your tummy with your digestives system & there are over 1 billion cultures in every cup. The flavour isn’t overly powering so if you aren’t a huge fan of peppermint, then I’d give this a try. IMAG1734[1].jpg
  5. Pukka (Peppermint & Licorice) – I’ve always loved Pukka Herbs, but recently this is the tea I’ve been reaching for in an afternoon. The balance between the peppermint & licorice flavour, as neither of them outweigh each other – so you get a perfect blend of both of them. IMAG1735[1].jpg

I hope you enjoyed my July Favourites!

A x


Manicure Monday – Chelsea Bridge Road

Hey Everyone! 🙂

My manicure Monday look is one of my new nail polishes from Nails Inc & it is Chelsea Bridge Road Foil. This is similar to the silver foil effect but in Gold. I do think the Silver foil effect is nicer than the gold, as the silver does look so much more like tin foil rather than the Gold. This colour is really nice still, but it doesn’t have the nicer foil effect as the silver does.

Chelsea Bridge Road does have a nice gold shimmer effect, however it doesn’t look like foil It is more of a matte foil look, rather than the shiny effect that foil has. I would definitely recommend this if you prefer more of a matte finish to your nail, however if you do want a truly foil effect I would pick the silver effect.

IMAG1714_1[1]   IMAG1715[1].jpg

I hope you enjoyed my Mani Monday look.

A x