Summer Makeup

Hey Everyone! 🙂

If you’ve had the gorgeous, amazing sunny weather yesterday & today then I seriously hope you have enjoyed it – as I know I have. As we’ve had some seriously hot weather, I decided to do this blog today. As you may have guessed, it is my summer makeup that stays on my face all day & doesn’t make me look shiny 😀

Here we go:

  1. NYX – Gotcha Covered (GCC03 Beige). This concealer is pretty darn amazing! I apply a small amount under my eyes & also on any blemishes or spots that I’ve got. I’ll then blend it in with one of my brushes & make sure that it has all blended in. I honestly go from dark circles, to radiant & actually look awake. IMAG1622[1].jpg
  2. NYX – Stay Matte But Not Flat (SMF05 Soft Beige). As this gives you a matte finish, it isn’t going to dry like a usual liquid foundation would. It dries super easily & pretty quick too, so you can easily add your powder without having to wait ages. I love this foundation, for when it is hot as I don’t feel like I have any on & it doesn’t look like I do either – perfect for when you start to get a little bit hotter, as it doesn’t move halfway down your face. IMAG1624[1].jpg
  3. NYX – HD Finishing Powder (HDFO01 Translucent). I set my concealer & foundation in with this beauty. It makes my makeup stay on my face & as it is translucent, I can add as much as I want as it won’t change the colour of my face, like other powders can. This product is perfect, it goes on easily, keeps my makeup in place & gives me a lovely finished look.IMAG1626[1].jpg
  4. NYX – Matte Bronzer (MBB03 Medium). I have used sooooo many bronzers & never ever found one that didn’t have a shimmer in it. Until I found this beauty! It is a gorgeous matte bronzer, perfect for giving you a sunkissed look without having the hassel of a shimmer built inside it. I apply this after my powder, as I prefer to have my bronzer (& blush) standing out more. I always apply this on the apple of my cheek & then underneath my cheekbone, blending it in after.IMAG1630[1].jpg
  5. Collection – Blush (3 Cheeky). This blusher is perfect for summer, as it gives you a hint of a colour without being too noticeable. I apply this over the bronzer on the apple of my cheeks & a little bit more in the middle of my highlighter & bronzer. I blend it in, so it doesn’t look like I’ve painted my face into sections.IMAG1631[1].jpg
  6. NYX – Adorable Shadow Palette (TAS01). For the summer I only use the very pale light brown colour, as I prefer a more nude natural look. I also the white on the corners of my eyes, just to give me a more awake kind of look. I’ll apply the light brown colour, all of my eyelid & also underneath my brow.IMAG1633[1].jpg
  7. Barry M – Showgirl Mascara. I have mentioned this mascara before & I honestly would not be without it. My eyelashes look sooo much longer, than they’ve ever looked before & you can also easily curl your lashes at the end too with this mascara.IMAG1394The finished look after work. It goes on at 7am & looks the same at 4:00pm


I hope you enjoyed my summer makeup look.

A x


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