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Hey Everyone! 🙂

A little something different to write about this week, but still on the topic of beauty of course. I’ve never used Pink Parcel before & honestly I have been missing out. My first ever box came today & seriously it is packed with the most amazing things ever! It’s packaged so lovely & all the boxes are amazing.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Pink Parcel – they help make your period feel a little bit better. They’ll send you pads/tampons for now, night time ones & also some for later. Then the best bit, you get a little box which is for YOU!

As this is my first month trying it, I really don’t know what to expect or if I’d even like any of the products. I haven’t tried any yet (so I will leave a review blog) but just from looking at them, I will probably love all of them & can’t wait to see what I get next month.

Here are the items I got this month & also some pictures of how it arrives to you & also how it is packaged.

IMAG1549_1[1].jpg   IMAG1550_1[1].jpg   IMAG1551[1].jpg   IMAG1552_1[1].jpg

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers – These tweezers are gorgeous. They are Rose Gold colour, so really you can’t go wrong?? These haven’t gone on sale yet, but as soon as they do – just based on the colour I reckon these need to be in every girls make-up bag. I always prefer slanted tweezers, as they just make plucking & styling your eyebrows so much easier.

Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream (Cranberries & Cream) – I have tried this hand cream & it smells exactly like it should based on the name. It isn’t too thick either & leaves your hands feeling super soft & it doesn’t have that feeling of having any hand cream on, as it dries into your skin straight away. The packaging for this is gorgeous, with dark pink at the top & then a really light apricot background with light pink circles.

la Via Del Te Tisana Sweet Relax – I can’t even pronounce this brand of tea & I’ve never heard of them before, so I’m pretty excited to try this as I’m loving my herbal tea at the moment. Obviously it is a herbal tea & it is well known for its relaxing properties that it contains within the herbs.

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Biscuits – I’m pretty sure I’ve had these before, as my Nanna always has chocolate biscuits in her house & I do eat them every time I see her. So if I’m basing them being on the same biscuit – they are gorgeous & a chocolate biscuit is something you can never go wrong with right??!!

Lottie London Nail Polish (Blogger Babe) – As some of you will know I only use Nails Inc nail polish, so I’m pretty excited to try a new brand. The packaging for this is super cute & the colour I got is gorgeous. It’s such a perfect nude shade & will be wearing this for my Mani Monday.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Nail File – This nail file is pretty cute & us girls always need a nail fail. The fact it’s pretty small as well, makes it perfect for putting in your make-up bag or handbag.

Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner – I’ve never used a gel eyeliner before, I’ve always had pencils so I’m hoping this gives me the same coverage as a pencil eyeliner & lasts for a similar time too.

Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Eyeshadow – OMG! The packaging on this is so adorable. It’s green, white & has pink flowers & flamingos. I mean just for the packaging I’ll be buying this again, it looks like summer . The colours are black & brown, so will make a gorgeous smoky eyeshadow.

Bare Foot Foot Cream (Lavender & Mint) – I love a good foot cream & especially in the summer. I don’t really know if lavender & mint go together, but I’ll give it a try & see how it smells. It feels like there is a lot of cream to be used more than once, as well which is always good.

I hope you enjoyed my blog & let me know if you got the same in your Pink Parcel.

A x


7 thoughts on “Pink Parcel

  1. I’ve seen the Pink Parcel advertised for ages but always thought it was a lot of money just for pads and tampons. I didn’t realise you actually got stuff for you as well! I’m definitely gonna have to give this a go so thanks for sharing. I love your blog by the way!x


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