June Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s that time again when you all get to ready about what I have been loving in the month of June. Now as you’ll all know from my previous post (Birthday Post), it was my birthday, so obviously June is without a doubt the best month followed by December. A few of my birthday items will be uploaded in this, as I am loving them so much.

Here we go:

Candles – Yankee Candles

I love my candles anyway, but this month I’ve been burning them a lot more than usual. I love Yankee Candles, as they are such a good brand and have a huge range of different types of candles & also the ranges of fragrances that they offer – there will definitely be something for everyone in the fragrances they do. I’m also loving my electric melt warm, which I got for my birthday & the pretty pattern it makes on my wall.


Backpack – Smiggle

Some of you may find this one strange, but I got a new backpack for my birthday & it is the cutest thing ever!! It holds so much stuff in it & is perfect for keeping all of my things together. Whenever it has been dry since my birthday, I’ve literally not left the house without it.


Work Shoes – Primark

These shoes from Primark are the most comfiest shoes ever! I wear them to work everyday & once I’d broken them in, I literally will not wear anything else to work on my feet. Now that it is summer, I find wearing ballet shoes/flat summer shoes are best & I never really found a pair I liked or that actually fit me properly – until these & they have stayed super shiny for ages.


Highlighter – Soap & Glory

Now some of you may remember this being mentioned in one of my Boots Haul & I said I’d upload a review once I’d tried it. I completely forgot to write my review about it, but as I’ve been using it everyday this month – it seems only fair it is in here & you get a little review about. I apply it under my eyes, down my nose & on my chin – I then blend it with one of my many makeup brushes I own & BAM!! gorgeous glowing skin all. It lasts all day as well & doesn’t start to look shiny of my face which is always nice.


I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites.

A x


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