Pay Day Treats

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Sorry I didn’t do a blog at the end of last week, but I was away visiting my family as my brother had his leavers assembly as he left primary school yesterday. It was amazing to be able to be there for his second to last day & watch him perform his leavers assembly, I was a very proud big sister.

Moving onto todays blog & as payday is literally tomorrow (or Friday), I thought I’d do a blog about what I bought last week for my payday.


Nails Inc – Of course I had to buy some Nails Inc products, as well I can never have too much nail polish. I bought Chelsea Bridge Road & Westminter Bridge Matte Topcoat. I am yet to try either of this, but I shall be using the Chelsea Bridge Road in my Mani Monday (which will be uploaded on Sunday).

False Nails – I don’t have these yet, as I only order them on Monday – but as soon as these arrive I shall do a blog post about them & also the info of the seller I got them from. I got them from depop (my beloved app for everything), if you don’t have it but would like some nails then I’d be happy to ask the seller if I can use her pictures to show you them.


Dorothy Perkins – I decided to treat myself to a new purse as my pink River Island one, is looking rather loved to say the least. Again this is from depop & chances are it probably isn’t in shops anymore, however it is a white, grey & silver one which fastens with a gold zip.


eBay – Another website where I will buy my clothes from, as I sometimes hate buying & paying for high street prices, when I can get something similar cheaper elsewhere. I bought a gorgeous burgundy top with leopard print sleeves, I’m sure you can find something similar to this.

Depop – I bought a gorgeous pair of bohemian printed floral loose pants. They are going to be so comfy, as they are super baggy & great for when I want a more casual look than what I usual wear either out a weekend or just at home.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Pay Day treats.

A x


Summer Makeup

Hey Everyone! 🙂

If you’ve had the gorgeous, amazing sunny weather yesterday & today then I seriously hope you have enjoyed it – as I know I have. As we’ve had some seriously hot weather, I decided to do this blog today. As you may have guessed, it is my summer makeup that stays on my face all day & doesn’t make me look shiny 😀

Here we go:

  1. NYX – Gotcha Covered (GCC03 Beige). This concealer is pretty darn amazing! I apply a small amount under my eyes & also on any blemishes or spots that I’ve got. I’ll then blend it in with one of my brushes & make sure that it has all blended in. I honestly go from dark circles, to radiant & actually look awake. IMAG1622[1].jpg
  2. NYX – Stay Matte But Not Flat (SMF05 Soft Beige). As this gives you a matte finish, it isn’t going to dry like a usual liquid foundation would. It dries super easily & pretty quick too, so you can easily add your powder without having to wait ages. I love this foundation, for when it is hot as I don’t feel like I have any on & it doesn’t look like I do either – perfect for when you start to get a little bit hotter, as it doesn’t move halfway down your face. IMAG1624[1].jpg
  3. NYX – HD Finishing Powder (HDFO01 Translucent). I set my concealer & foundation in with this beauty. It makes my makeup stay on my face & as it is translucent, I can add as much as I want as it won’t change the colour of my face, like other powders can. This product is perfect, it goes on easily, keeps my makeup in place & gives me a lovely finished look.IMAG1626[1].jpg
  4. NYX – Matte Bronzer (MBB03 Medium). I have used sooooo many bronzers & never ever found one that didn’t have a shimmer in it. Until I found this beauty! It is a gorgeous matte bronzer, perfect for giving you a sunkissed look without having the hassel of a shimmer built inside it. I apply this after my powder, as I prefer to have my bronzer (& blush) standing out more. I always apply this on the apple of my cheek & then underneath my cheekbone, blending it in after.IMAG1630[1].jpg
  5. Collection – Blush (3 Cheeky). This blusher is perfect for summer, as it gives you a hint of a colour without being too noticeable. I apply this over the bronzer on the apple of my cheeks & a little bit more in the middle of my highlighter & bronzer. I blend it in, so it doesn’t look like I’ve painted my face into sections.IMAG1631[1].jpg
  6. NYX – Adorable Shadow Palette (TAS01). For the summer I only use the very pale light brown colour, as I prefer a more nude natural look. I also the white on the corners of my eyes, just to give me a more awake kind of look. I’ll apply the light brown colour, all of my eyelid & also underneath my brow.IMAG1633[1].jpg
  7. Barry M – Showgirl Mascara. I have mentioned this mascara before & I honestly would not be without it. My eyelashes look sooo much longer, than they’ve ever looked before & you can also easily curl your lashes at the end too with this mascara.IMAG1394The finished look after work. It goes on at 7am & looks the same at 4:00pm


I hope you enjoyed my summer makeup look.

A x

Pink Parcel

Hey Everyone! 🙂

A little something different to write about this week, but still on the topic of beauty of course. I’ve never used Pink Parcel before & honestly I have been missing out. My first ever box came today & seriously it is packed with the most amazing things ever! It’s packaged so lovely & all the boxes are amazing.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Pink Parcel – they help make your period feel a little bit better. They’ll send you pads/tampons for now, night time ones & also some for later. Then the best bit, you get a little box which is for YOU!

As this is my first month trying it, I really don’t know what to expect or if I’d even like any of the products. I haven’t tried any yet (so I will leave a review blog) but just from looking at them, I will probably love all of them & can’t wait to see what I get next month.

Here are the items I got this month & also some pictures of how it arrives to you & also how it is packaged.

IMAG1549_1[1].jpg   IMAG1550_1[1].jpg   IMAG1551[1].jpg   IMAG1552_1[1].jpg

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers – These tweezers are gorgeous. They are Rose Gold colour, so really you can’t go wrong?? These haven’t gone on sale yet, but as soon as they do – just based on the colour I reckon these need to be in every girls make-up bag. I always prefer slanted tweezers, as they just make plucking & styling your eyebrows so much easier.

Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream (Cranberries & Cream) – I have tried this hand cream & it smells exactly like it should based on the name. It isn’t too thick either & leaves your hands feeling super soft & it doesn’t have that feeling of having any hand cream on, as it dries into your skin straight away. The packaging for this is gorgeous, with dark pink at the top & then a really light apricot background with light pink circles.

la Via Del Te Tisana Sweet Relax – I can’t even pronounce this brand of tea & I’ve never heard of them before, so I’m pretty excited to try this as I’m loving my herbal tea at the moment. Obviously it is a herbal tea & it is well known for its relaxing properties that it contains within the herbs.

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Biscuits – I’m pretty sure I’ve had these before, as my Nanna always has chocolate biscuits in her house & I do eat them every time I see her. So if I’m basing them being on the same biscuit – they are gorgeous & a chocolate biscuit is something you can never go wrong with right??!!

Lottie London Nail Polish (Blogger Babe) – As some of you will know I only use Nails Inc nail polish, so I’m pretty excited to try a new brand. The packaging for this is super cute & the colour I got is gorgeous. It’s such a perfect nude shade & will be wearing this for my Mani Monday.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Nail File – This nail file is pretty cute & us girls always need a nail fail. The fact it’s pretty small as well, makes it perfect for putting in your make-up bag or handbag.

Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner – I’ve never used a gel eyeliner before, I’ve always had pencils so I’m hoping this gives me the same coverage as a pencil eyeliner & lasts for a similar time too.

Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Eyeshadow – OMG! The packaging on this is so adorable. It’s green, white & has pink flowers & flamingos. I mean just for the packaging I’ll be buying this again, it looks like summer . The colours are black & brown, so will make a gorgeous smoky eyeshadow.

Bare Foot Foot Cream (Lavender & Mint) – I love a good foot cream & especially in the summer. I don’t really know if lavender & mint go together, but I’ll give it a try & see how it smells. It feels like there is a lot of cream to be used more than once, as well which is always good.

I hope you enjoyed my blog & let me know if you got the same in your Pink Parcel.

A x

June Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

It’s that time again when you all get to ready about what I have been loving in the month of June. Now as you’ll all know from my previous post (Birthday Post), it was my birthday, so obviously June is without a doubt the best month followed by December. A few of my birthday items will be uploaded in this, as I am loving them so much.

Here we go:

Candles – Yankee Candles

I love my candles anyway, but this month I’ve been burning them a lot more than usual. I love Yankee Candles, as they are such a good brand and have a huge range of different types of candles & also the ranges of fragrances that they offer – there will definitely be something for everyone in the fragrances they do. I’m also loving my electric melt warm, which I got for my birthday & the pretty pattern it makes on my wall.


Backpack – Smiggle

Some of you may find this one strange, but I got a new backpack for my birthday & it is the cutest thing ever!! It holds so much stuff in it & is perfect for keeping all of my things together. Whenever it has been dry since my birthday, I’ve literally not left the house without it.


Work Shoes – Primark

These shoes from Primark are the most comfiest shoes ever! I wear them to work everyday & once I’d broken them in, I literally will not wear anything else to work on my feet. Now that it is summer, I find wearing ballet shoes/flat summer shoes are best & I never really found a pair I liked or that actually fit me properly – until these & they have stayed super shiny for ages.


Highlighter – Soap & Glory

Now some of you may remember this being mentioned in one of my Boots Haul & I said I’d upload a review once I’d tried it. I completely forgot to write my review about it, but as I’ve been using it everyday this month – it seems only fair it is in here & you get a little review about. I apply it under my eyes, down my nose & on my chin – I then blend it with one of my many makeup brushes I own & BAM!! gorgeous glowing skin all. It lasts all day as well & doesn’t start to look shiny of my face which is always nice.


I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites.

A x