Birthday Post

Hey Everyone! 🙂

So as it was my birthday last Friday, I thought I’d do a blog today about my birthday & what I wore.

My 21st was honestly amazing! My boyfriend made it super special & it was really lovely that my family sent me presents in the post for me to open. As I’ve moved from Manchester to Bristol, my family obviously can’t give me any presents face to face, so for them to post them in time & the presents they got me, were truly beautiful.

I opened all of my presents in the morning & cards. We then went to Crepe Affair in Bristol (on Park Street – for anyone reading this that lives or visits Bristol). I’ve been there a few times & they are delicious. They make them with fresh ingredients & you can even see them making it whilst you wait. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great in Bristol that day & it tipped it down pretty much all day & when the sun finally came out it had turned into the evening, by which time it was a little to late to enjoy the say.

Don’t worry though I did go out in the afternoon & I went to the aquarium. I was wanting to go to the zoo, but with it raining I thought none of the animals would be wanting to come & I honestly would not have blamed them. The aquarium is so lovely, I do find it sad that the animals are in tanks & not in their natural habitat – but I do still enjoy going. I love seeing the little turtles, they are so cute & by far my favourite animal there.

We then came home for about an hour, before going out for my birthday meal. We went to Frankie & Benny’s. They had a really good deal on of 3 courses for £15, which included a glass of wine, pint of beer or any soft drink. Who can complain at that price??!! I kept my outfit nice & simple, but still made it look glam, as I don’t really go for all out glam when going out as it isn’t my style.


My leopard print body is from H&M & I wore it with my black skinny jeans from Primark. I paired the outfit with some black heeled ankle boots.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog & I’ll be uploading another one before the end of the week.

A x


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