Manicure Monday – Luminous Red Gloss

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Bank Holiday weekend & that the weather has been decent for you.

As always my usual Sunday/Monday blog is about my nail colour for the week. I bought 4 new nail varnishes last week and as with my OCD, all the colours have had to be put back in order – which means I am now at the beginning.

So my first nail colour, is indeed one of the ones I bought over the weekend! I bought the 4 Nails Inc nail varnishes, from Depop (this is an app, where you can buy/sell pretty much anything). None of the nail varnishes are new to Nails Inc, but I’m sure if any of you want to buy any of them (I will be mentioning in my weekly nail blog, if it is one of the new ones I bought) then I’m sure you could find them on eBay or any other selling app/website.

The one I’m wearing today/this week is the Luminous Red Gloss – this nail colour was free with a Colagte Max White One toothpaste, so I’m guessing the colour was made to match the Colgate toothpaste red colour & I have to say they have done a pretty decent job.

The colour is obviously red & it isn’t too much of a bright in your face red, it is more leaning towards the burnt orange-red colour, but still being red as opposed to burnt red. I would say you need 2 coats of this, to get full coverage of the nail colour & for it to stand out. I always use a top coat, however even before I put my top coat on – the colour had a really nice glossy shine to it & then the shine looked even better once the top coat had been added.



A x


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