May Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

As it is the end of May we all know it is May favourites time. I have actually remembered this time, to still keep it in the month of the favourites – as I normally have a tendency to end up doing a monthly favourite in the first/second week of a new month.

Let’s get my monthly favourites on a roll!

Rose Gold Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses – these sunglasses are super lush! They look amazing with any outfit & they have that gorgeous Rose Gold frame, which is a colour I’m definitely loving at the moment. I think it makes jewellery or sunglasses look more expensive than they actually, which for me is the case with these sunglasses.





Pink Converse Style Flats – these shoes are super comfy and go with pretty much any summer casual outfit that I’ll be wearing. They have cute studs on the toes & I think they make your outfit that little bit more less casual. I’ve worn these with dresses, jeans, skirts & honestly when you want a more causal laid back look, but still want to look dressy – putting these on helps.

IMAG1391[1].jpg     IMAG1392[1].jpg

Barry M Showgirl Mascara – I probably apply way more of this than I should, as I think you should only apply like 2 coats – but I always end up applying 3/4. I tend to use the 3rd/4th application, so I can curl my lashes with the mascara wand – just so they look longer. This mascara, does make your lashes look longer with just 2 coats, but I like to double up – so I can get a nice curl going on as well.


Living Proof Full Shampoo & Conditioner – If any of you end up having a slightly waxy feeling after washing & drying your hair. Then this shampoo is for you! I used to get that problem, but since using this – it has completely stopped. I use the shampoo twice every other day & mainly wash the top of my hair & also the back of my head, but underneath it. My hair feels so soft & clean after using it & you also get a nice shine from it too. I use the conditioner once a week & leave it for around 5 minutes. Your hair feels like silk as soon as you apply the conditioner & it comes out of your hair super easy, when you wash it.


I hope you all liked my favourites this month 🙂 please let me know if you think I’ll like any other products & my Boots Haul review will be coming next week.


A x


Manicure Monday – Luminous Red Gloss

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Bank Holiday weekend & that the weather has been decent for you.

As always my usual Sunday/Monday blog is about my nail colour for the week. I bought 4 new nail varnishes last week and as with my OCD, all the colours have had to be put back in order – which means I am now at the beginning.

So my first nail colour, is indeed one of the ones I bought over the weekend! I bought the 4 Nails Inc nail varnishes, from Depop (this is an app, where you can buy/sell pretty much anything). None of the nail varnishes are new to Nails Inc, but I’m sure if any of you want to buy any of them (I will be mentioning in my weekly nail blog, if it is one of the new ones I bought) then I’m sure you could find them on eBay or any other selling app/website.

The one I’m wearing today/this week is the Luminous Red Gloss – this nail colour was free with a Colagte Max White One toothpaste, so I’m guessing the colour was made to match the Colgate toothpaste red colour & I have to say they have done a pretty decent job.

The colour is obviously red & it isn’t too much of a bright in your face red, it is more leaning towards the burnt orange-red colour, but still being red as opposed to burnt red. I would say you need 2 coats of this, to get full coverage of the nail colour & for it to stand out. I always use a top coat, however even before I put my top coat on – the colour had a really nice glossy shine to it & then the shine looked even better once the top coat had been added.



A x

Boots Haul – Soap & Glory, NYX

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I have another Boots haul for you all to read today!! This haul is mainly Soap & Glory, however there are 2 items in it from NYX. I’m yet to try any of the products (other than the hand cream), so I will leave a review of them all in about a week.

Lovely photo of everything I bought here:


Starting from the left to right (back to front): Face Soap & Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash – on first impressions the colour is pretty nice and there are some tiny pink scrub balls in it too. The smell is like a face wash smell, but with a tiny hint of cucumber.

Drama Clean Micellar Cleansing Water – I love all Soap & Glory packaging but this is great, so simple but yet gets a message across. The smell is of cucumber, but it is also a really refreshing smell.

Sugar Crush Body Wash – This body wash was recommended to me my The Beauty & Food Lab blogger 🙂 literally the smell of this is amazing, if you like the smell of limes (fresh limes) – then you need to buy this just for the smell. Summer in a bottle.

Wash Your Hands Of It – You can’t fault Soap & Glory packaging, especially not when the product looks a pink colour. The smell is similar to the facial wash & the cleansing water – fruity, reminds you of summer & fresh.

Hand Food – This product is amazing, the tube is literally great – I like hand creams with a flip lid & that squeeze easily. The smell is the same as any product from Soap & Glory – but even though I have tried it, I’m not mentioning it until my review of the rest.

Heel Genius – Same as the hand cream, a tube with a flip lid – is always a winner. It smells the same as the hand cream, but also smells like a cream at the same time. My only slight negative is the bottle is exactly the same as the hand cream (other than the name), so you better check the name of it before using.

The Fab Pore Daily Micro Smoothing Moisture Lotion – Packaging is super! Simple, eye catching white box & the writing stand out. The item itself is white & looks a bit like a toothpaste tube. The colour is a minty green colour, so goes with the writing on the product & also smells ever so slightly minty.

NYX Adorable Eye-shadow Palette – Perfect name, as the colours & packaging for this are adorable. You’ve got a mixture of colours – nudes, pink & white. The nudes are going to look great all year round, the pink is perfect for Spring/Summer & the white will look great blended into the corner of your eye – to make you look more awake.

Soap & Glory Glow All Out – I’ve bought this highlighter in the shade Ice Shimmer. The packaging for this is super cute & also slightly sophisticated.

NYX Lingerie – I’ve bought this in the shade Teddy. I’m super excited to try this, as I’ve wanted one for ages – but never actually bought one until now.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blog about my latest Boots haul.

A x

Primark, H&M, Select & BHS Haul

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I know I only did a blog 3 days ago, but I’m doing another one for you all today!

At the weekend I went on a shopping spree to Primark, H&M, Select & BHS. I mainly did my shopping at Primark & H&M – but as I bought something from Select & BHS I thought I’d throw them into the title too.

I realised that I didn’t actually own any really summer clothes & since (hopefully) summer is round the corner, I thought it’d be a good idea to buy these things now. As pay day is also round the corner (or at the end of the week for some of), I thought it would be nice to share with you what I bought, in case any of you need some summer clothing help.

Here we go 🙂


IMAG1331[1]  This leopard print bodysuit is so beautiful and I think bodies look great in summer with shorts or a skirt. They can also be worn at any other season, but for me they look best in spring or summer, when they aren’t hidden under a coat. This body could easily been worn in the day and then a quick change of shoes (from flats to heels) and you have a great evening outfit too.

I also got a floor length black skirt, that had two slits on either side – however it’s too big and way too long for me 😦 the skirt itself is beautiful and would look amazing with the bodyuit and also a plain vest top or t-shirt. Paired with some summer sandals and it would be a super perfect outfit for summer.


IMAG1330[1].jpg  This is quite simply a plain black t-shirt, I’ve never really found a decent black t-shirt – it’s mainly black vest tops for going underneath sheer shirts, so I was pretty pleased to find a t-shirt that could go with the trouser I bought from H&M (they will be in this blog underneath here). I find a plain black t-shirt is always essential to have & now I finally have one.

IMAG1332[1].jpg  Here we have the trousers (or slacks as the shop label says) the trousers to go with my plain black t-shirt. These trousers are super comfy and not too baggy like some trousers/slacks you could buy. They sit just above below ankle, so are the perfect length for sandals or pumps. They are quite smart as well, so can easily be worn too work or for an alternative daytime look – if you want to look casual but not too casual.


IMAG1329[1].jpg  This is the only item I bought from Select & it was in the sale. Pastel colours are in right now and I’m really liking the pastel pink colour. I’m also liking pastel blue, but haven’t found a top or dress I like yet (feel free to comment if you know anywhere that has something you think I’d like). This a turtle neck top and looks great with jeans. I paired my top, with some skinny jeans & pink converse.


IMAG1333[1].jpg  Okay, so this isn’t summery – but as I bought them the same day as the clothes I may as well include them. The earrings are super cute & all look so nice, they can literally be paired with anything. Plus BHS have got a sale on now, so these were 10% off as well.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog & feel free to let me know of any pastel blue items that you all look 🙂

A x

Mini Boots Haul – The Review

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Tuesday evening & it’s Wednesday tomorrow (half way through the week)!!

So my review is finally hear for the products I purchased on my mini boots haul (if you missed it, go & check it out) 😉 I like to leave it a few weeks from purchasing items until doing a review, so I’ve had time to try each product properly & for a few times.

If you want the full names of the products, check out the Mini Boots Haul blog:

Here it goes:


  1. NYX Photo Loving Primer – If you don’t like a primer that you have to use a lot of, then this isn’t for you or if you don’t like feeling product on your hands after applying – then again this isn’t for you. I feel like you have to use a lot of to get a decent amount of coverage on your face & also the product is known to separate from the water, so I guess this could be why more is needed. Once the product is on, it dries really quick – but my make-up did stay on better when I used the Barry M primer (full details of this are in my March favourites). 6/10
  2. NYX Finishing Powder – Buy this product guys! Out of all the powders I’ve ever tried, it doesn’t add colour to your face so you don’t look an even colour. It’s a white colour so if you add too much anywhere, no-one will tell. I do find it a bit tricky to get out, but with a good gentle hit on the side of the pot – the product eventually comes out. 8/10
  3. Tangle Teezer – If you don’t own this brush, I strongly recommend that you buy it – especially if you tend to get headsore, or your hair hurts when/if you gets knots. This brush literally doesn’t pull on your at all! Like even if you have a few knots, there is no pain & they are gone super quickly. Also it is really easy to clean which is always a bonus. 10/10
  4. Soap & Glory Body Mist – Amazing! If you want something that doesn’t have a strong scent, then this perfect. I use it after a shower & occasionally before bed. Once you’ve sprayed it on, it dries super quick and I don’t find I need to spray it loads of time. One spray on the top & bottom of my arms is enough. 10/10
  5. Soap & Glory Body Scrub – When I read the name of this, I wasn’t 100% sure, but I’m so glad I bought it. The honey scent in it, is slightly overpowering – so not the best product if you don’t like honey (you don’t end up smelling like honey after, so it isn’t too bad). It is super thick, which I love – but then washes off really easily! Your skin feels so soft after and honestly feels so clean. 9/10
  6. Soap & Glory Body Wash – Your skin after uses this looks clean (you know when the water kind of reflects on your skin) this is what you look like. If you don’t know what I mean, then I am sorry – but I have no idea how else to describe it. Obviously when you get dry, you no longer like some shimmery reflecting goodness , however you skin feels amazing & you smell super nice. 10/10

I hope you all enjoyed my reviews of these products and fancy trying these for yourself 🙂 if you know of any other products by these brands or any other, please let me know in the comments or via twitter @nailsgalorex1

A x

No April Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

So you may or may not be able to guess from the title but I’m not doing an April favourites, as I used pretty much the same products this month, as I did last month & there were only a couple new ones, so I’m adding them into next months (May) favourites blog!!

I do need some help from anyone out there though, so hence why I’m blogging about my no April favourites. Can ANYONE recommend me a new highlighter, bronzer (which isn’t too shimmery), eye make up remover & face wash that are ALL cruelty free??

Please let me know your recommendations in the comments, or feel free to tweet me them 🙂 @nailsgalorex1

Thank you in advance guys.



Mini Boots Haul

Hey Everyone! 🙂

On Saturday I had a mini boots haul and bought some new make-up and also some shower items and thought  I’d share what I bought with you all.


From left to right is starts with: NYX Photo Loving Primer, NYX Finishing Powder in shade SFP01, Tangle Teezer Detangling, Soap & Glory Body Mist ‘Mist You Maybe?’, Soap & Glory Body Scrub ‘Smoothie Breakfast Scrub’ & Soap & Glory Body Wash ‘Clean, Girls.

I’ve never used any of these products before, so I’m really looking forward to using them and I’ll leave reviews about them all when I’ve tried for them for a couple of weeks.

Recently I’ve been looking for any cosmetic and shower products that are totally animal cruelty free, so this is why I’ve gone for NYX make-up & Soap & Glory shower products. I thought finding cruelty free was going to be a bit tricky but a website crueltyfreekitty totally helped me finding products that were against animal testing.

I hope you enjoyed my mini boots haul & if you know anymore make-up products that you’ll think I’ll like from NYX & also from Soap & Glory then feel free to comment or let me know on twitter (all social media info is on my social media page).

A x