Nails Inc – Foil South Kensington

Hey Everyone! 😊

Sorry I haven’t done my nail blog until today, but I was having an amazing weekend & totally forgot (ooopppsss).

Anyway my weekly nail blog is finally here & it’s all about Nails Inc Foil Effect in the colour South Kensington.

I don’t know how long this colour (or any of my Nails Inc colours) have been around, but I’m sure if you have a check on eBay then they could have them & even the Nails Inc website may stock them too.

This colour is exactly the colour it says on the bottle. Your nails genuinely do look like the tin foil colour. The shade also looks slightly like a metalic silver, but not overly metalic.

I don’t really know what else to say about this nail colour, other than I think everyone needs to own it.

I’d say the colour can be worn at anytime of year, but would look lush at a Christmas event or any other special occassion event.

Let me know what you guys did for your nail look this week.

Enjoy! X


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