Nails Inc – Foil South Kensington

Hey Everyone! 😊

Sorry I haven’t done my nail blog until today, but I was having an amazing weekend & totally forgot (ooopppsss).

Anyway my weekly nail blog is finally here & it’s all about Nails Inc Foil Effect in the colour South Kensington.

I don’t know how long this colour (or any of my Nails Inc colours) have been around, but I’m sure if you have a check on eBay then they could have them & even the Nails Inc website may stock them too.

This colour is exactly the colour it says on the bottle. Your nails genuinely do look like the tin foil colour. The shade also looks slightly like a metalic silver, but not overly metalic.

I don’t really know what else to say about this nail colour, other than I think everyone needs to own it.

I’d say the colour can be worn at anytime of year, but would look lush at a Christmas event or any other special occassion event.

Let me know what you guys did for your nail look this week.

Enjoy! X


Nails Inc – George Yard

Hey Everyone! 😊

I hope you all had a lovely lazy Sunday. So tomorrow is Manicure Monday (also known as Mani Monday) & rather than doing mine on a Monday, I do my nails on a Sunday – ready & prepared for Mani Monday.

So this week, as the sun as been a lot more (and it is nearly summer) I decided to paint my nails a lovely gold shimmer colour.

The nail brand I always use is Nails Inc & the colour for this weeks look is George Yard. It is a lovely nude gold colour & in the summer when (hopefully) we all get a tan, it would look amazing. It’s perfect for any occassion as it isn’t a huge stand out colour.

If nude colours are more your thing, but you want something with a bit of shimmer to it – then this colour would be perfect for you.

Enjoy! X

March Favourites

Hey Everyone! 🙂

So as I said here is my second blog of the day!!!

My second blog is going to be about the products I have been loving this month & there is one random thing in my favourites for this month.

I’m going to start of with the makeup I have been loving this month. This is just based upon my face makeup, as for my eyes (other than the eyeshadow which will be featured) I swap & change my eyeliner & mascara so much, I’ll update when I found the ONE!

Starting off the March favourites is my primer 🙂

A primer is the one product you should always have! I haven’t always used a primer, but since I have – my makeup has lasted so much longer. I’ve been using the BarryM Flawless Colour Correcting Primer. I use the green one & in terms of it keeping my makeup on my face it works an absolute treat! However for me it doesn’t reduce the redness I can get on my cheeks. Other than that it works perfectly, as my makeup doesn’t smudge or rub off onto clothes.

The concealer I have been loving this month is: Maybelline New York Cover Stick in shade 03 Nude. This concealer covers my dark circles and also my blemishes that I have & honestly it looks amazing by the time I’ve covered everything. I’ve ran out of this now 😦 but feel free to comment of any other great concealers out there.

I have 2 foundations that I have been loving & I do sometimes wear these together or I’ll change between them every few days.

The first one is Rimmel London 25hr Lasting Finish in shade 100 Ivory. This foundation also contains SPF 20 so even better!! I don’t know whether this last 25 hours, but I do know that it lasts from 7am  – 10:30 pm when I take it off at night & it makes my skin so feel so soft and gives me a full coverage.

The second foundation is Collection Naturally Matt in shade 2 Ivory. I don’t think it gives me a matte finish, however it does look great over the top of the Rimmel London look & does give a more clear polished finished. If you were to wear this on its own, it doesn’t give a full coverage, however does look very natural  – so if you prefer the more natural look then this is a very good foundation for that.

My powder foundation I use is Collection Pressed Powder in shade 01 Candlelight. This powder is amazing. I use it to keep my foundation in place & use it before I apply by highlight, bronzer & contour and also my blusher. I would NOT be without this, as it’s so good for my skin & honestly it keeps my makeup in place and it doesn’t look like I’ve added powder to my face.

The blusher I have used for a while now is Collection Blush in shade Cheeky. It’s a lovely pale pink, so just gives you a lovely bit of colour on your cheeks. It’s very subtle as well, so you don’t end up looking like a clown.

My eyeshadow of the month is Revolution. I believe it is the Nude collection, however I’m not 100% sure. The colours in this are perfect for me, as I don’t like to have my eyes totally standing out – so the nude colours in this are perfect for me. Also the brown eyeshadow in this, is great for when I need to fill my eyebrows out.

I have 3 lip colours this month that I have been loving & alternate between these everyday. Of course my Collection Cream Puff in Shade Cotton Candy is in here! This is just perfect, as I’m loving Matte Lipglosses & Lipsticks at the moment. Feel free to read my review about it, as it’s just perfect.

The second colour is Danimer Long Lasting Lipgloss in a nude colour number 18. I’m not sure if this is in shops as I bought it off a shopping app Depop (which is amazing), but if you know where to buy it online or in store, please let me know as this is such a great lipgloss. It goes on like a lipgloss, but doesn’t feel all sticky & in a few seconds it drys matte – I love how it takes so little  time to dry into a matte finish.

My last lip colour is Pixi by Petra in shade Youth. This a lip blush so it looks like a pen, but when you twist the bottom the lip colour comes out onto the brush. This is super easy to apply & you can build the colour up depending on how light or dark you want the colour to be (I personally prefer the darker colour). For me the colour doesn’t last that long, so I do end up having to reapply it through the day – whereas the other 2 stay on the whole day.

My random favourite is an adult colouring book. The one I’m loving is the Animal Kingdom one which you can buy in WHSmith. The pictures in this book are seriously so incredible & detailed. I would recommend this to anyone!!!

I hope you enjoyed my March favourites & please let me know if you have any other makeup products you think I’ll love x


Contour Kit Review – BarryM

Hey Everyone! 🙂

I know I haven’t done a blog in agesss, however I am treating you all to 2 today.

My first review, is obviously this one1 It is my review on the Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit by BarryM. I know this has been out for a while now, but I’m giving it a review now, as it is one of my latest purchases & I personally think it does the best job from the contour kits I have tried.

I think the packaging for this is so nice & it is a perfect size to fit in your handbag or even a clutch bag. It also a perfect guide with pictures of how to do the highlight, bronze & contour. I thin this is great, as if you don’t know where to contour or how to do it it gives you the steps – so no need to trail & error where it looks best on you.

The shades are perfect as well. The highlight is such a nice pale colour & doesn’t have the shimmer, that some highlights have. The bronzer is a medium brown colour & again doesn’t have a shimmer in it, as some bronzers can have a shimmer to it & it can look too much sometimes. The contour is  dark brown & is a bit too dark or me, so I just add a bit of my powder over the top to make it a touch lighter.

This contour kit is definitely the best I’ve ever tried & I would not be without it now. It gives you such a define looked, but it doesn’t look to much at the same time.

Please comment if any of you have any other contour kits that you love.

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