Nails Inc – St James

Hey Everyone! 😊

So I did originally start this blog to discuss my nail colour each week, however I’ve started blogging about some more things now. But to bring it back to (just for today & everyone Monday) I shall be discussing my manicure for the week.

This week I have opted for this really nice, blood red colour from Nails Inc. The nail colour is St James & it is a nice bold colour.

I always love to change my nail colour each week ready for Mani Monday! I do have OCD when it comes to my nail polish and they are all in colour order based on the newest bottle to the oldest bottle I.E: all my nail varnishes are by nails inc,so when a new bottle is realeased that colour will go to the start of my collection. Strange I know!!

I personally think if you can wear nail varnish in any colour for work, then it’s nice to have a bright, bold colour on your nail – but making sure it still looks professional & for me this red colour does just that.



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