Are We A Piece Of Meat?!

Hey Everyone! 🙂

A not so happy blog this evening, even though it is Friday.

Why do the people categories of people (well boys) think it’s socially acceptable to stare at girls/women when they are on their own (ie not with a boy – whether be a friend or boyfriend), however as soon as you add a boy standing next to them they won’t look at you??

I’ll tell you why – because all they think is that girls/women are a piece of meat & are scared shitless when another guy is around them as they know they are in the wrong. They think oh shit he’ll probably twat me if he sees I’m staring at her.

Let me tell you something BOYS! A girl will probably turn round and A – shout at you or B – twat you one.

Stop staring at us, it isn’t funny & you just look like a knob!

The people that do this are (or to what I have experience anyway) – black, half cast, foriegn, middle aged men, or chavvy youths who think they are gods fucking gift.

Never had the issue with a normal British white younger person, however the above are all culprits. I don’t mean everyone single of them of course, however this is why you all get tarnished with the same brush!

Rant over!



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