Hey Everyone! 🙂

So today’s blog is all about beauty & the make-up that I wear.

I keep my make-up look simple during the day and go for a look which is slightly darker than my skin colour, but not too dark it looks orange.

I use a liquid foundation first for my base and then I go over this with a powder foundation My liquid foundation is a shade darker than my skin colour and my powder foundation is the same shade as my actual skin colour.

I use my concealer under my eyes, on my nose and any spots that I can still after applying my liquid foundation. I tend to opt for a concealer which is the same shade as my skin colour.

Once I’ve done my concealer, I use a small amount of bronzer on my cheekbone and T-zone. This just gives you a sunkissed look and always apply bronzer where the sun is most likely to get you. as this looks more natural.

I will then sometimes fill my eyebrows on or I’ll just re-shape them depending on how much time I have in a morning.

After this, I’ll curl my eyelashes and apply one coat of mascara to the top and bottom of my eyelashes.

I finish the look with a lip balm which has a tiny bit of colour in it.

Hope you enjoyed my blog

A x



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