Hey Everyone! 🙂

So today’s blog is all about beauty & the make-up that I wear.

I keep my make-up look simple during the day and go for a look which is slightly darker than my skin colour, but not too dark it looks orange.

I use a liquid foundation first for my base and then I go over this with a powder foundation My liquid foundation is a shade darker than my skin colour and my powder foundation is the same shade as my actual skin colour.

I use my concealer under my eyes, on my nose and any spots that I can still after applying my liquid foundation. I tend to opt for a concealer which is the same shade as my skin colour.

Once I’ve done my concealer, I use a small amount of bronzer on my cheekbone and T-zone. This just gives you a sunkissed look and always apply bronzer where the sun is most likely to get you. as this looks more natural.

I will then sometimes fill my eyebrows on or I’ll just re-shape them depending on how much time I have in a morning.

After this, I’ll curl my eyelashes and apply one coat of mascara to the top and bottom of my eyelashes.

I finish the look with a lip balm which has a tiny bit of colour in it.

Hope you enjoyed my blog

A x



Christmas Nails

Hey Everyone! 🙂

So yesterday I painted my nails in my favourite Christmas nail polishes that I own. Every year I will always wear these 2 polishes by Nails Inc which I’ve had for a good few years now.

They are a gold shimmer & a silver glitter nail polish. The gold shimmer is perfect for Christmas or going to a party any other time of year, it’s a really subtle colour and isn’t so bold and in your face. The silver glitter is also perfect Christmas and I would only wear this at the festive time  of year. When you put it on, it isn’t like other glitter nail polishes which you have to dab onto your nail, this just goes on like another nail polish which is great 🙂

Like I said they are both by Nails Inc & I’ve had them for a few years so you may not be able to buy them anymore, but just in case you can I have got the names of them for you below.

Gold Shimmer: George Yard

Silver Glitter: Electric Avenue

I hope you enjoyed my blog and find my nails festive 🙂

A xIMAG0854[1]